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Stars Bursting In The Night Sky

Australian photographer Lincoln Harris collection ‘Star trails’, surreal swirls in the sky, created from a multitude of long-exposure shots and the effect of the Earth’s rotation. 

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Τρελός, ναι τρελός, γιατί θέλησα το μεγαλείο που η μοίρα δεν παραχωρεί.

—F. Pessoa (via toxazopouli)

Mε τι καρδιά, με τι πνοή,
τι πόθους και τι πάθος,
πήραμε τη ζωή μας· λάθος!
κι αλλάξαμε ζωή.

—Γ. Σεφέρης  (via intzieyianni)

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Sleeping Beauties

When animals are asleep, they are at their most vulnerable; even the most dangerous predator can look beautiful & gentle while sleeping. When in the land of dreams, all creatures are equals in this world. We are all Sleeping Beauties, just like the creatures in these beautiful sleeping animal pictures.


Eiffel Bridge/ Ribeira, Porto- June 2013

Recent trip, film 

Eiffel Bridge/ Ribeira, Porto- June 2013

Recent trip, film